Manufacture, import and wholesale of jute products

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Jute and jute products in industry

Jute cloth may be used as a reinforcement grid for the composite production, for example in the automotive industry, further within the footwear production or as an insulation and filtration basic raw material. Traditionally, jute yarn is indispensable for the production of high end carpets, being used for both weaving and backing.
As all cellulosic materials, jute is usable for special kinds of paper. The raw jute fibre is an ideal sustainable commodity for the fibre composites.

reinforcing material – jute cloth, jute nonwoven textiles

ecological packaging

automotive industry

yarn, cellulose, nonwoven textiles, composites, insulations



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  • Carpet backing cloth

  • Composites

  • Reinforcement material

  • Packing material

  • Upholstery fabrics

  • Filtration


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  • Packing material


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  • Shoe / Footwear industry

  • Production of woven carpets, technical textiles, ropes and webbing


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  • Jute ropes

  • Wire rope core

Nonwoven textile

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  • Automotive industry

  • Production of pressed fibreboards

  • Production of composites

  • Reinforcement material

  • Production of packing, insulation and filtration material


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  • Automotive industry

  • Jute yarn

  • Technical fabrics

  • Pulp (Paper)

  • Jute nonwoven

  • Composites

  • Reinforcement mats

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