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Jute and jute products in construction industry

Jute erosion control nets (geotextiles) protect the top soil against washing out and wind-blown dispersal. The fabric and fibre may also be used as a reinforcement of concrete or tarmac surfaces. Jute fabric alone or in combination with a nonwoven textile serves also as a separation or insulation layer, covering of fresh concrete, packing and transport packaging. Beside packaging, jute bags are the first choice when building flood control barriers. Increasingly, jute gains on popularity in the ecological construction, again as reinforcement grid and heat or sound insulation.

Erosion control

Ecological insulation

Reinforcement material for ecological construction




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  • Reinforcement material

  • Packing material

  • Geotextiles

  • Concrete cover

  • Material for ecological construction 


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  • Ecological packing and protection

  • Flood protection

  • Barriers and roadblocks


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  • Road, highway and railway slopes

  • Planting protection in parks and gardens

  • Ski slope protection

  • Reclamation of areas affected by mining-related activities

  • Slope protection against wind erosion

  • Very steep road slopes, sewage facilities etc.

  • Creek, river and ditch watersides

Nonwoven textile

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  • Insulation material

  • Geotextiles


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  • Gasket

  • Technical fibres

  • Nonwoven textiles

  • Composites

  • Insulation material

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